EasySkin™ - IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset Device (US Plug included - BONUS FREE UV GLASSES)

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Renewed permanent hair reduction
Are you tired of shaving, waxing or epilating? Then discover EasySkin™ for painless, long-lasting hair removal that won’t irritate your skin! Thanks to this hair removal device, you can enjoy the benefits of a salon IPL treatment, which uses light to remove hair, in the comfort of your own home. The revolutionary EasySkin™ features the latest technology, is suitable for home use and can be used on all skin tones!
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  • Long-lasting hair removal for body and face with EasySkin™
  • Up to 92% hair reduction after completing the treatment sessions*
  • Suitable for all skin tones
  • 10+ years lifetime
  • Pulsing and gliding method

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EasySkin™ has been clinically proven. Independent research has shown that this hair removal device can be used safely and effectively in a typical home environment. The device is easy to use and results in up to 92.3% hair reduction after six treatments with two weeks in between each session. EasySkin™ is also recommended by leading dermatologists.

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Comfort from home and cost-effective - With EasySkin™, you can have professional results from the privacy of your own home anytime. That’s only a fraction of the price compared to walking into an Hair-Laser Center that easily cost you jaw-dropping $50 to $300 per session!

Proven effectiveness - The results are almost instantaneous. Most of our customers seeing over 92% of hair reduction after 7 to 9 uses.

Long-lasting effect - After the 8th week onwards, you can start to enjoy the freedom of fuzz-free skin with long-lasting effects.

Versatile and great coverage - It can be used for any parts of your body. The treatment itself is non-invasive, gentle, and most importantly safe.

Easy operation with hassle-free - Go for the manual mode to treat precision areas like underarms, bikini line, and face. Auto mode is for easy and fast treatments in straight forward areas such as arms and legs.

8 flash intensity for flexibility - The flash intensity increases with higher mode and translates to better effect. It is advisable to start with low-level intensity for 1st-time users.



  1. Shave, clean, and dry the hair surface area especially for hair length greater than 8cm.
  2. Connect the power plug and cable to power up the device.
  3. Adjust the flash intensity level to your preference and treatment area.
  4. Put on sunglasses to avoid glaring flashes to prevent discomfort in your eyes.
  5. Place the flash window vertically and press the flash key to start.
  6. Use skincare cream to moisturize your skin after the treatment. Remember to read through the user manual carefully before start using the device.

 DermaLux - IPL

DermaLux - IPL

How to know the IPL is suitable for my skin?

It is strongly recommended to do a skin test for the 1st time of usage to confirm that there is no adverse reaction before you start using it.

Which laser intensity to choose for the 1st time user?

For the 1st time user, you should try the lowest level and gradually increase the intensity to a higher level. It is not recommended to use level 7-8 directly as it could cause discomfort.

How to use the product correctly?

EasySkin™ will only flash when in 90-degree vertical contact with the skin. Please do not press the flash button against the air.

What are the possible flash problems?

If the light of the epilator is on but the head is not flashing, proceed to remove the lamp and wipe it with a cotton cloth before reinstalling it back to retry again.

*Disclaimer: Specific results may vary from individual to individual.
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    If for whatever reason, you decide you are not satisfied, you can easily and quickly contact our helpful customer support to get a full refund. We just ask that you at least give the product a 2 week try and we'll refund you, no questions!

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