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The original blackhead remover

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Used it for one week and my face has never been this clean!


A must have for anyone who hates blackheads

Bought it for my daughter and she is so happy.

This device extracts so much dirt from the pores, it is unbelievable.


Honestly bluffing

This is truly amazing, so easy to use and yield such results I don't know what to say.


Blackhead Remover

Core device, use vacuum technology to extract blackheads

Replaceable heads

Choose between 5 different heads to plug on the blackhead remover

Free Gift

With every Facelift order you gain a free 4-set blackhead removal tools

Easy to use & effective

Charge it with the provided USB cable and then you are good to go.

It comes with five different replaceable heads to face any situation.

Run the device across your face and let it do it's job!

Cleaning Your Face On Auto Pilot

You just let it clean your face for you and enjoy the result!

See it in action


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  • Convenient & Simple, easy to use
  • Suitable for any types of skins
  • Made of high quality materials ensuring durability and efficiency
  • Easy to carry, charge it anywhere with any USB plug
  • To use, simply run it across your face and let it do the job
  • Durable, use it for years without breaking it
  • Perfect for extracting blackheads and unclogging your skin pores

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