DERMALIGHT™ - Professional LED Photon Light Therapy Mask - 7 Colors Light Treatment Device

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DERMALIGHT™ Professional LED Photon Therapy Mask

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of our DERMALIGHT™ LED Photon Therapy Facial Mask, right in the comfort of your home!

Our DERMALIGHT™ Professional LED Light Therapy Mask is one of the most extraordinary & disruptive breakthrough in skin care, handling a wide range of skin ailments.

Are you familiar with painful acne ?

DERMALIGHT™ has seven different color LEDs built in. Each color has its own benefits and is able to treat a large range of conditions from acne to pigmentation or wrinkles and much more!

You only want one thing, to improve your skin without damaging it using dangerous chemicals ?

Well DERMALIGHT™ will certainly answer this question for you! It uses only light to improve your skin in many ways.

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 Light Therapy

Are you struggling with aging skin, wrinkles, painful acne, rosacea, sunspots...? Want to improve your skin without damaging itDermaLight™ is the right fit for you! No harsh chemical creams, no painful peels, and no hormonal imbalance products!

DermaLight™ 2.0 Facial Mask will help your skin produce collagen, enhance your skin's health and tightens your face pores

Led therapy has proven results on multiple conditions like Wrinkles, Acne, Pigmentation but a lot of other less known conditions are also treated!

It works by increasing oxygen and blood circulation which improves skin metabolism which in turn helps rejuvenate and repair the skin.


For quite some time now, LED therapy has been used commonly among Spas because of how effective it is since their customers were always very satisfied with it.

It truly is amazing!

Now you can experience all the benefits LED light therapy has to offer, right in the comfort of your home (And save money on spa sessions) with this DermaLight™ 2.0 Mask!


DermaLight™ 2.0 helps new customers on eye protection. Instead of closing your eyes you can now experience DermaLight™ 2.0 from home while watching TV, or using your phone.

Take care of your skin now

Customize your treatment with which to address your skin concerns- the different color LED allows you to treat your skin’s needs. The DermaLight™ LED Light Therapy Acne Face Massage Mask will fit seamlessly into your skincare routine and enhance the effects of products you already use. If you know a cream that suits your skin and has given you good results before, just apply it before the light therapy session!

How to take care of your skin? This is a very challenging question lots of us ask ourselves every day. So much options are available on the market, how to choose among them? Our DermaLight™ is so simple to use that you simply put it on, choose a color and let it do the job for you!

Perfect For Everybody's Skin

If you have sensitive skin then you know that some treatments can do your skin more bad than good. With DermaLight™, your skin will not get irritated or dry. EVER.

DermaLight™ has seven different color LED lights. Each and every one of them can have their energy output adjusted to match everyone skin’s sensitivity level.

Tested by dermatologists, DermaLight™ is 100% safe. It has been calibrated so that even at max settings it will never do any damage to your skin in any way possible.

Money & Time Saver

DermaLight™ is a one-time purchase (no batteries needed!) which will help you take care of your skin for years to come. No money wasted anymore on consumables every few weeks like your typical cream.

DermaLight™ is robust and has been built to last you enough time to make you wonder why you did not buy it sooner!


Is DermaLight™ really effective?

A lot of research has been backing up light therapy for several years now. Actually it goes back 40 years since the first studies have been conducted and now dermatologists have come to a consensus that light therapy brings something great to the table.

It is actually used by NASA to help astronauts boost their collagen production to help then heal their wounds faster while their are on mission.

How does DermaLight™ work?

DermaLight™ uses a well known scientific process.

By emitting light it stimulates cell production within the body. As cells are being replaced quicker, your body's general health is improved a lot.

Noticeable results are decreased inflammation, improved collagen's production and visually a healthier skin structure. Collagen is core in smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. All in all your skin texture and tone will be greatly improved!

How do I use DermaLight™?

It is actually very simple even if the device looks intimidating.

Firstly, clean your face properly as it will help boost the DermaLight™ efficiency. Then simply put it on your face and use the remote control to select your favorite settings. We recommend you to use it for 15 to 30 minutes daily.

Easy and convenient.


Package Includes

  • 1 x DERMALIGHT™ Professional LED Light Therapy Mask (Face & Neck Set) 
  • 1 x Remote Control 
  • 1 x Power Adapter (US format)
  • 1 x Removable Electrodes Pack 
  • 1 x Instruction Manual



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