Serenity™ - Neck Massager With Infrared Heating Pain Relief

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Award Winning Design, Top Rated Performance.

Do you regularly feel tension in your neck and back from built-up stress?

> RELIEVES HEADACHES: A relaxing massage right when you need it most! The Electric Pulse Back and Neck Massager provides soothing acupuncture-type pressure massage therapy to help you relieve stress & improve blood circulation throughout the body

> ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY: The adjustable vibration, impulse & heat intensity settings allow you to get the right & appropriate amount of pressure to relieve your muscle pain. It also comes with 6 selectable preset massage modes with timer settings

> FLEXIBLE NECK COLLAR: The heated Electric Pulse Back and Neck Massager features a flexible neck collar to ensure a comfortable fit. It comes in a fashionable wrap-around style & universal size, making it ideal for people of all ages

> PORTABLE, CHORDLESS DESIGN: The Electric Pulse Back and Neck Massager is easy to carry around, this personal cordless massager provides ultimate relaxation whether you are at home, in the office or on vacation. The built-in rechargeable battery ensures you can experience muscle pain relief anywhere you go.

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See It in Action
  • 6 Different Massage Modes: 6 Different Modes of massage with 9 intensity levels. Modes include Acupuncture Mode, Finger Pressing Mode, Kneading Mode, Hammering Mode and Combination Mode
  • 9 Intensity Levels: The smart neck massager has 19 different levels of force for a continuous healing experience.
  • Heat Function: The built in heat function can be activated easily and works at a temperature of 107°F.
  • Larger Massage Surface: Features the largest massaging surface out of any neck massager on the market.
  • Neck Pain & Occipital Neuralgia Relief: Feel the benefits immediately and enjoy life more!
Advanced Pain Relief

Our unique massage technique called "Pulse Massage" allows our neck massager to have multiple healthy properties.

Serenity™ alleviates muscle pain fast using infrared thermal technology, soothing magnetic therapy, and electrical muscle stimulation.

Serenity - Neck Massager

A Wide Range Of Massages

Versatility has been at the core of Serenity™ design. With our neck massager you have access to a wide variety of massages types. As if you had a personnal massage therapist in your home!

Serenity - Neck Massager

Serenity - Neck Massager

Full Body Treatment

Why limit yourself with only a neck massage ? Would it not be better to be able to massage your entiere body with only one device ?

Serenity™ comes with 2 Pulse Patches which allow you to send electrical pulses anywhere on your body to stimulate your muscles for total relaxation from head to toe.

Serenity - Neck Massager

Technology At Your Service

Based on new technologies, Serenity™ packages all the state of the art practices in an ergonomic design for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Using "Electric Pulse Massage" as the name states electtrical pulses are sent down your skin to stimulate cell regeneration of a large area and can also reach deep tissues easily where a traditionnal massage would have trouble stimulate.

In addition to the pulses, Serenity™ will diffuse periodically an electrical wave called "Microcurrent" that allow to stimulte deep muscles in your neck & shoulders which will help fight swelling and pain in those.

Serenity - Neck Massager

Fast & Easy Setup

Made to function right out of the box with minimal work or effort! Just wrap around your neck and relax the pain away.

Serenity - Neck Massager

How To Use
  1. Insert 2 AAA batteries
  2. Dampen your neck with a wet towel
  3. Attach the electrode patches to the lead wires and plug it into the socket located on the back of the Neck Massager
  4. Peel and adhere the patches to the aching area of your choice
  5. Turn on the neck massager, wrap it around the back of your neck and select a mode, then adjust the intensity to high or low

That's it. Relief is on its way!


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If for whatever reason, you decide you are not satisfied, you can easily and quickly contact our helpful customer support to get a full refund. We just ask that you at least give the product a 2 week try and we'll refund you, no questions!

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